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Default Christmas 2004 (!)

"John Bradbury" wrote in message
I know this is thinking well ahead, but some people may have been away
for the last Christmas and may be able to help out.

We are considering taking the caravan to the south of France for around
6 weeks starting the beginning of December.

I am going to get details of any do's from the CC and CCC, but what is
the position regarding sites on the way down that are open all winter.
Can anyone recommend some for us - say 4 stops to the Riviera of about
three nights each.

Thanks in advance


I am not sure how many sites you will find open in the South of France at
that time of year as France does not seem to cater for the winter caravanner
in the same way that Spain does. There are two sites listed in the CC ABS
book. One is La Vieille Ferme which I have read good reports about. The
other is Camping Holiday Marina at Port Grimaud. The latter site seems
grossly over priced during the main season but is much more reasonable out
of season and it has a good electrics ampage. In season it is on the wrong
side of the N98 but this will not be a problem to you in December. For sites
en route have a look at my website and for other sites near to the
autoroutes follow this link

David - Milton Keynes
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