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Default Small tent with standing room and a porch

On 2015-08-23, James Harris wrote:
"gregz" wrote in message
"James Harris" wrote:
I am looking for a tent which

* allows a 6-foot (182cm) person to stand up in * has a "porch",
i.e. somewhere covered to take off wet shoes etc * is not expensive
* is for one person (me) * has a small footprint * is fairly
lightweight as it and other things have to fit in a 15kg ferry


I have a couple steep walled tents. No porch flap. On the large one I
just made my own top piece extending out for rain.

In the end I went for a Trespass Go Further 2 Man Tent, weight about
10kg. Like yours it doesn't have a porch. I might be able to add
something over the front guy cords for another time.

One slight surprise; although it was advertised as a Trespass tent the
actual one I received was a Regatta. The model is a Regatta Premium
909/9823(D) 2-man weekend tent.

I would have guessed that Trespass and Regatta were company names and
separate companies but perhaps not. Or perhaps they both resell the
same Chinese-made tent under different names.


One tent-maker to make them all ...

Just for the record, would you use it again? Would you buy another the

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