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Default Small tent with standing room and a porch

"Whiskers" wrote in message
On 2015-08-23, James Harris wrote:


In the end I went for a Trespass Go Further 2 Man Tent, weight about
10kg. Like yours it doesn't have a porch. I might be able to add
something over the front guy cords for another time.

One slight surprise; although it was advertised as a Trespass tent
actual one I received was a Regatta. The model is a Regatta Premium
909/9823(D) 2-man weekend tent.

I would have guessed that Trespass and Regatta were company names and
separate companies but perhaps not. Or perhaps they both resell the
same Chinese-made tent under different names.

One tent-maker to make them all ...

.... and in the darkness bind them!

Just for the record, would you use it again? Would you buy another

I would certainly use the tent again, especially if again going away via
transport which had a similar luggage weight restriction. For that, it
was ideal and the unusual height to footprint elicited some interest
from other campers. If travel weight was not as restricted, however,
such as going by car I would prefer to buy a slightly larger tent with
another standing-height chamber (this one has two rooms: bedroom with
room for a double bed and one other room slightly smaller) and some
porch space to leave wet shoes in.