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Default Leisure battery flat

On 2017-08-02, Martin Dixon wrote:
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I too have a van with a compressor fridge. I think this is the reason
why it has a larger leisure battery, I think from memory something
like 110AH, but recommended 160AH if you are likely to spend
significant time without a hook-up. A larger battery is certainly a
good idea, since although a solar panel helps, if roof mounted it is
unlikely to be large enough to power the fridge without help.
So if you have space for it I would recommend getting a larger leisure
battery than 75AH.

Thanks for responding.

Space, it transpires, is the limiting factor for my van; the compartment
holding the leisure battery won't take anything larger than the existing
75Ah unit.

I bought a multimeter for checking the battery and fuses, and found the
leisure battery reading only 2.3 volts and going for a drive made no
difference. The fuses seem to be OK. So I now have a new Halfords 70Ah
unit, which was supplied 'charged' so at present all the accessories
seem to be working properly. I'll use the 'battery conditioner' solar
panel for what it's worth - there's no way I can plug into the mains
while parked at home.

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