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Default Leisure battery flat

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I too have a van with a compressor fridge. I think this is the reason
why it has a larger leisure battery, I think from memory something
like 110AH, but recommended 160AH if you are likely to spend
significant time without a hook-up. A larger battery is certainly a
good idea, since although a solar panel helps, if roof mounted it is
unlikely to be large enough to power the fridge without help.
So if you have space for it I would recommend getting a larger leisure
battery than 75AH.

Thanks for responding.

Space, it transpires, is the limiting factor for my van; the compartment
holding the leisure battery won't take anything larger than the existing
75Ah unit.

I bought a multimeter for checking the battery and fuses, and found the
leisure battery reading only 2.3 volts and going for a drive made no
difference. The fuses seem to be OK. So I now have a new Halfords 70Ah
unit, which was supplied 'charged' so at present all the accessories
seem to be working properly. I'll use the 'battery conditioner' solar
panel for what it's worth - there's no way I can plug into the mains
while parked at home.

Worth checking the voltage at the battery terminals with the engine
running. Should read about 13.8 volts to show the battery is being

Sounds like a good tip. I'll try it and see what happens.

Well you do want to be sure your charging circuit is working, Shame to
knacker your new battery.