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Default Leisure battery flat

On 2017-08-04, bert wrote:
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On 2017-07-29, Roy wrote:
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Worth checking the voltage at the battery terminals with the engine
running. Should read about 13.8 volts to show the battery is being

Sounds like a good tip. I'll try it and see what happens.

Well you do want to be sure your charging circuit is working, Shame to
knacker your new battery.

Inconclusive so far. The charge seems not to drop while parked with the
'battery conditioner' solar cell hooked up. It's steady at 12.8v. But
the voltage doesn't increase when the engine is running. I've checked
that the 40 amp fuse the dealer pointed out to me is OK, and followed
his instructions to put the fuse in while the engine is running 'so that
the electrics detect the leisure battery'.

So far the heaviest load I've put on the new battery is the car radio
(which does run off the leisure battery not off the engine-starter
battery - it didn't work at all when the leisure battery was flat, even
with the engine running).

Next I'll have to pluck up the nerve to run the fridge for a bit to see
what happens.

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