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UK Motor Caravans (uk.rec.motorcaravans)

Look out for "T664 NLB"

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Old November 24th 03, 01:15 PM posted to alt.fan.karl-malden.nose,alt.sports.soccer.manchester.united.scum-haters,demon.local,uk.rec.motorcaravans,uk.rec.motorcycles.classic
I hate Keane
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Default Look out for "T664 NLB"

"Steve Leyland" wrote

clocky's trolling methods were admittedly effective, but I prefer a more
*subtle* approach.

I know what you mean.

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Old November 27th 03, 04:49 AM posted to alt.fan.karl-malden.nose,alt.sports.soccer.manchester.united.scum-haters,demon.local,uk.rec.motorcaravans,uk.rec.motorcycles.classic
Steve Leyland
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Default Look out for "T664 NLB"

I hate Keane wrote:
: "Steve Leyland" wrote
:: clocky's trolling methods were admittedly effective, but I prefer a
:: more *subtle* approach.
: I know what you mean.

you do?

Steve Leyland
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"Warning to all: Steve Leyland is a trolling **** of the highest order.
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******* Bear, uk.rec.motorcycles
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Old November 27th 03, 05:12 AM posted to alt.fan.karl-malden.nose,alt.snuh,alt.sports.soccer.manchester.united.scum-haters,demon.local,uk.rec.motorcaravans
I hate Keane
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Default Look out for "T664 NLB"

"Steve Leyland" wrote

: I know what you mean.

you do?

No need for a psychiatric qualification to know that.


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