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Default Thetford cassette C-200 CW

We are going off at a tangent here. What I would realy like to know is
how do I fix the leak :-)

On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 17:01:35 GMT, duzz wrote:

Just spent our first weekend away in our "new" van, a Bailey Ranger
2000. We arrived on site with everything drained down and had to fill
her up (couldn't understand why the water pump wouldn't stop - until I
found the drain tap underneath the van).
I put quarter of a loo blue into the fresh water tank of the Thetford
then emptied a 5 ltr bottle of water into it. It worked very well for
the three days on site, but when I towed the van home I found blue
streaks down the front of the toilet fresh water tank inside the van.
It had leaked out when the water slopped about with the movement of
the van.
Surely the tank doesn't have to be drained every time you need to
move. Is there a kit of some sort to fix leaks like that?