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Default Vehicle recovery service doubles my bill...2 months after the recovery!!! Claims I was this legal?

"severalgrand" wrote in message
I would be grateful if anyone can help with this one -

I'm a member of green flag recovery (it's just like the AA but
available to people with heavier vehicles)

In Aug I called them because I got my camper-van stuck in some loose
ground. They sent a local vehicle recovery service (presumably a local
mechanic under contract to them) who pulled my vehicle back onto the

I'm with Green Flag through Saga. Your query caused me to read the policy
booklet more fully than the usual glance.
I thnk you are covered under their general terms. There is an exclusion in
respect of vehicles used for and/or involved in motor racing, off road use
(away from public roads and over rough terrain), rallies, speed or duration
tests or practising for such events. Green Flag are aware that a
camper/caravan might occoasionally be found off road. I'd speak to them and
send them the correspondence from the claimant. Still wondering why you paid
the tow truck guy 150-unless you only have basic car cover from Green Flag
and the assistance was provided outside of your contracted cover.