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Default Strange heater problems

"Danny" wrote in message

I've recently purchased an Elddis Knightbridge 500/5. It is fitted
with a carver 3600a gas heater and also a fanmaster heater. My
question is regarding the fanmaster system. From what I understand,
the fanmaster has two ducts running from it. The first supplies to
butterfly vents to the front of the caravan whilst the second supplies
the bathroom and a vent to the rear of the caravan. The problem is
that this system cuts out and I am forced to press the reset button, I
have discovered that it only cuts out when the bathroom vent is closed.
All other vents are constantly left open, there doesn't appear to be
any bloackages as air is freely flowing from them. The solution you
may say is to simply leave the vent to the bathroom open, or part open
at least. This however is less than ideal. The bathroom gets really
hot, its ample warm enough even when the vent is closed (some air does
get through - but not much)

Any ideas as to what is causing this problem?



I would guess that as its a 500/5 the heater is in the middle of the van
right next to the toilet compartment. Closing that vent causes the heatsinks
to overheat and hence operate the cut off. The other suggestion of checking
for fluff is worthwhile, but I suspect it won't cure the problem. The only
way round it, other than leaving the vent open, is to make the pipe to the
toilet compartment longer, by looping it.