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Default Towing with Audi multitronic help

Thanks David. I'll look at the manual again tonight, but I'm pretty
sure the last time I checked in the manual they did not say very much
on how you must tow. My caravan falls under the maximum towing
specification, so I'm sure the car will tow my caravan, but it's how to
tow with the multitronic that I'm not sure of.

I'll hunt around some more, and post my findings here.

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Hey guys, probably not the correct place to ask this question, but
maybe one of you had a similar question, or can maybe answer this
question. I recentrly purchased a A4 2.0 FSI turbo multitronic.

With my previous manual diesel 4x4, i used to tow my caravan with now
problem. I would always tow in forth gear seeing that the fith gear is
an overdrive gear and it can be damaged.

If I now want to tow my caravan with the mutlitronic, is there any
warning flags you guys can raise for me. Also, the 2.0T mutlitronic has
seven gear ratio's. Seeing that it's continues variable, i don't have
to make sure I stay in 6th gear ratio, for 7th gear ratio is not seen
as the final overdrive gear. Should I tow with sports mode on, to keep
the rev's high, or should i tow normally?

Any suggestions? Tips?
Thanks guys, and greetings from South Africa...

Most cars and 4x4s now have fifth gear as part of the standard cluster. Many
years ago when the overdrive was a seperate unit, they could overheat under
extreme loads, but I've never heard of it recently.

I tow with a manual diesel 4x4 and use 5th during the cruise. In fact its my
third different 4x4 and I've used 5th in all of them. I've never even
considered using just 4th.

Where this leaves you with the Audi, I don't know, but I would refer to the
manual which should give you any warnings neccessary.