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Default Under the microscope .. (gas experts)

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On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:07:18 +0100, T i m wrote:

Failing that ... watch out for the fridge shaped object flying your
way come November the 5th (or a month either side ..g)

If you really can't get it to work, try selling it on eBay. You'll
probably get forty or fifty quid for it.

And then the person who buys it will buy a new jet, and have the thing

knew someone who bought an electrolux 60 litre 3 way fridge, sold as non
working on ebay, he got it for about 30 quid or so,
left it upside down for a day, righted it and tried it out.. worked
perfectly, seems some people still don't know the turn it upside down to
re-absorb the amonia crystals that form when they get too hot,

Anyway, practicaly all 3 way fridges should work best on gas.. the electric
is just a couple of small heater tubes strapped to the riser tube.. just
like the flue is for the gas burner,

If the fridge works on electric, then it's cooling system is fine,
Have you cleaned the flue out with a stiff bottle brush? kinda like what a
chimney sweep does.. but from top down, if the flue has a coating of soot on
it, this will be acting as an insulator and preventing the heat from the
flame transfering to the riser tube.

the baffle is also very importiany.. at it draws the flame up into the tube,
again for better heat transfer, on electrolux fridges it's a spiral of
metal, hung off a wire off the top of the flue,

But electrolux fridges have a 'proper' jet.. brass cone shaped thing with a
microscopic hole through it, and the burner is a tube, 90 degree bend, and a
gauze mesh over the top to spread the flame out.

Of course the best way to check when running on gas.. does the riser tube
get as hot as when on electric? wear gloves to do this, as the buggers get
very hot.. enough to take the skin of your arms when you are stupid enough
to lean over a working 3 way fridge to get at something above in in the van