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Default Wanted: Brompton folding cycles

gill107 wrote in message

"Bill" wrote in message

I have a Dawes Metropolis in virtually as new condition. My wife bought

then only used it a couple of times. It has lived on top of a chest of
drawers in our spare bedroom for the past couple of years.


Hi Bill

I can find little information on the Dawes Metropolis on the net.
Have you any information regarding the spec. that you can pass on.
We are particularly interested in ease of folding, the dimensions after
folding, the weight, gears (if any) and does it have a bag to live in when

Also, if I can be rude, why has it spent the last couple of years on top

a chest of drawers. Did it not come up to expectations\\/

It is a bit bigger than a Brompton, but better equipped. There's no point
in going into great detail as you have decided on a Brompton, and nothing
but a Brompton will do!

My wife started HRT, developed a major blood clot, and nearly lost her leg.
She was lucky to "only" lose about 50% of the use of it. She also has
polymyalgia. Riding a bike is almost impossible for her now.

I will probably put the Dawes on Ebay.