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Default McLouis Motorhomes

I am a motorhome dealer and back in 1998 we were offered a dealership for Mc
Louis. At the time we were just starting to import Hymers from Germany but
the idea of selling new campers was of interest to us. We went to Don Amotts
and I remember looking at the McLouis, I also remember the cupboards not
fitted right the door knobs falling off and the shower trays looking really

We were also told that Mc Louis is run by the guy who sold CI to the Trigano
group for lots of millions of pounds then bought some land down the road
from CI and set up Mc Louis.

I am not anti McLouis or anti Italian manufactures but you get what you pay
for. You have to think why these things can be sold so cheap when new many a
time people would come and look at a Hymer say a 1995 B544 at 21,000 and
say "Don Amotts have new campers at 19,995" sort of like cars a new Proton
or Kia might be 8/9000 new where as a BMW 316 or Merc C200 might be double
the price. Would you rather drive a new Kia/Proton or a Merc/BMW type car
for the same money but a few years old. Each to there own.

Back to 1998 we eventually turned down McLouis and went on to sell 400
Hymers and Westfalias since this some of which we sold in 1998 are still
selling for the same money. I would say get a Hymer but I am biased there
are a now many German makes coming over to the UK just look at how many
importers have sprung up everywhere. Don't worry about LHD as there no
different to drive.

If I was going out today to buy a camper I would get a 1993/4/5 Hymer S
class 700 which would cost around 18/20k. There are a few people who post
on this site with older Hymers and they would not swap them for the world.

Cheers David.

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What do you think of them, drawbacks , issues or are they really good?